Teach Children

Helping children meet their full potential

We have designed our free web sites to hopefully help, support and empower teachers, parents and carers to logically and progressively assist their children to develop at a pace that best suits them.

Early intervention can make such a difference to a child’s education and future. We believe that every child matters, not some more than others, this is why the sites are completely free. By sharing our knowledge we hope that you will be able to help and support your child in ways we wish we had known about, and had access to, when our girls were younger.

There is a lot of information and ideas on the sites which we feel are important, our aim is to make it accessible and logical rather than daunting. We have looked at the basic building blocks (skills required) as a progressive and developmental route to where, when and what to look for to help support your child’s development or to help identify possible areas of difficulty needing extra support.

Teach Handwriting

Our first web site teachhandwriting.co.uk provides information on how to teach handwriting to children. It looks at some common difficulties children experience with handwriting and suggests simple ideas which may help fix them and gives advice on how handwriting is assessed in UK schools and what support you can expect if your child is struggling.

Teach Phonics

Teachphonics.co.uk was our second web site, providing information on how to support your child in learning to read and spell using phonics. It explains the vital development stages of the pre-phonics skills relating to phonological awareness and alphabet knowledge and how phonics can be used as a tool to support reading.